Understand Your Business

With a long-standing emphasis on quality products and quality service, METALMECH has a history of understanding its customer’s business and market. We know the commercial nuances and technical aspects of your market to give you quality products, customized service, and competitive pricing.

Top quality parts are made faster and at less cost than other methods. We believe in improved production through innovative technology. If you need it now and need it right METALMECH ENGINEERING is your machining solution.


“It has to be exactly right, not just within specs.”


METALMECH recognizes that we play an instrumental role in bringing our customer’s products to market. METALMECH strives for long-term supplier relationships with our customers, based on trust, integrity, and cooperation. Like any other company, METALMECH could not exist without customers. We stay our FIRST priority as we listen and respond to their needs in innovative, cost-effective new ways.


It is our mission to strive for excellence and prosperity for the mutual benefit of our customers, employees, and communities. We are dedicated to being a progressive, integrated manufacturer of high precision products and are committed to satisfying our customers’ requirements through quality, service, and low-cost production.

Communication with customers

“We like to talk with our customers. Sometimes a piece is over or under engineered. The idea is there, but the design is not completely refined. We talk about it and find out the full intent of the customer’s needs. We work to make it perform better.”


“Prototypes help us control costs on the production side while working out the design so that it maximizes our capabilities. That direct interaction helps us understand what’s important, so that extra effort isn’t wasted later in production when real efficiency counts.”