Properties of plastic employed (Selection)

Material designation Polyamide Polyamide, reinforced glass fibre Polypropylene Polypropylene reinforced glass fibre Polvethvlen
Material Shortmark PA PA-GF PP PP-GF PE/LD PE/HD PS
Temperature range
minimal® -40° -40° -30° -30° -40° -40° -25°
max. Continually 100°C 100°C 80°C 100°C 80°C 80°C 60°C
max. Intermittent 100°C 100°C 80°C 100°C 80°C 80°C 60°C
Combustibility ® UL 94 V-2 UL 94 HB UL 94 HB UL 94 HB UL 94 HB UL 94 HB UL 94 HB
Thermal value (Hu) [kj/kg] 32.000 32.000 46.000 46.000 46.000 46.000 46.000

Properties of elastomeric materials emmployed (Selection)

Material designation Tehermoplastic










Material Shortmark TPE EPDM NBR FPM CR
Temperature range
minimal* -30° -40° -30° -20° -40°
max. Continually 80°C 130°C 120°C 200°C 100°C
max. Intermittent 120°C 170°C 150°C 280°C 120°C
Combustibility * UL94HB UL94HB UL94HB UL 94 V – 2 UL 94 V – 2

Properties metals emmployed (Selection)

Material designation Nickel-plated brass Stainless steel Stainless steel
Materialtvpe Ms58 A2 A4
Chemical resistance Brass nickel-plated is resistant under normal dry atmosphere, agains fresh cool- and cutting solutions. It is partly resistant under sea and industrial atmosphere, against neutral and alkaline salt solutions as well as organic compounds. Brass will be attacked by adds, halogens, chloride and chloridous solutions (sea water, brackish water), atmospheres with high humidity and increased temperatures. Chloric atmospheres and damp ammonia gas can cause stress corrosion Steel A2 is resistant under normal atmosphere for interior and outside applications, against diluted organic and oxidizing adds, caustic solutions, neutral and alkaline salt solutions as well as organic compounds. Steel A2 will be attacked by inorganic adds, halogens, chloride and chloridous solutions(e.g. sea water) or atmospheres (hole and stress corrosion). Steel A4 is well resistant under normal atmosphere for interior and outside applications, against organic and oxidizing adds, caustic solutions, neutral and alkaline salt solutions as well as organic compounds. Streel A4 will be attacked by hydrochloric dd, halogens, chloride and chloridous solutions(e.g. sea Water) or atmospheres (hole and stress corrosion).
Permanent temperature range – 40 °C – 200 °C – 40 °C – 400 °C – 40 °C – 400 °C

Mounting holes for Cable Glands

Size 12 16 20 25 32 40 50 63
Diameter of mounting hole +0,2 mm M 12 M 16 M 20 M 25 M 32 M 40 M 50 M63
12,0 16,0 20,0 25,0 32,0 40,0 50,0 63,0