Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

At Metalmech Engineering, we value in protecting environment of our planet as well as health & safety of people, as it is of fundamental importance to our endeavours as a responsible organization.

To adhere by it, we are committed to;

  • Comply with applicable legal and other obligations.
  • Optimum utilisation of resources and prevention of pollution.
  • Ensure safe and healthy working environment.
  • Continually improve our management system for the Environment, Health & Safety.

We will work to achieve our above goals by;

  • Imparting awareness and training to our employees.
  • Evaluating process risk, with alternatives to ensure safe and healthy work environment.
  • Working collaboratively on these matters with the stakeholders and community.

Environment friendly company, preventing all kinds of pollution, leading to better standards of health and safety. Contributing towards greener and healthier world by growing more trees.

We, at Metalmech Engineering, will make every effort to ensure that this remains an integral part of our overall performance.

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