Metalmech employs inimitable and cutting-edge technology for precision performance and timely delivery. Its state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and passion of its core team have made Metalmech the preferred choice of the industries today. It has continued to invest in infrastructure, ensuring excellence, innovation and quality assurance that’s what makes it most reliable. Its in-house research innovation and development department develops new products from conception to production.

MetalMech is a completely integrated company which has it own Metal Parts processing divison and the Rubber and PVC Moulding division. Our production capacity is supported by both manual and fully automated assembly lines. All our products conform to the relevant international and national standards.

By challenging limits of today’s technology, the products of the future are developed here. Its passion for excellence breaks the norms, since quality matters the most to them. Enriched with years of experience; Metalmech is growing every day with an immaculate product range that ensures an excellent resistance to all impacts. It continues to meet the stringent performance for ever-changing requirements of the modern industry in hazardous applications too. For that Metalmech follows meticulous systems and processes, focusing on all-round operational excellence, because it believes that with great strength comes greater responsibilities towards the customers and the stakeholders.

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