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About Us

MetalMech is a completely integrated company which has it own Metal Parts processing divison and the Rubber and PVC Moulding division.

  • Excellence in designing of Cable Glands and Electrical Accessories
  • Progression in Rubber Moulding, Lighting & Earthing protection
  • Expertise in Precision Machined Parts
  • Assurance through competence

Glands can be supplied in various materials including:

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

Cable Glands can be supplied as standard standalone product or with complete kit packing with accessories, which include a comprehensive range of Thread Adaptors, Reducers, Stopping plugs and Breathers.

MetalMech – for quality & assurance excellence

Our product offering has been developed and tested to the most demanding quality standards and has been awarded quality approvals and compliance worldwide.


Process Standard

Techno develops new products rapidly thanks to process verticalization, ensuring guarantees at all operative levels.


Techno designs upon specific customers’ requests putting its deep electrical and mechanical know-how at their disposal, as well as its knowledge of international regulations.


The modularity of the productive process guarantees a further benefit in terms of time and delivery methods in each development and production phase.


The meticulous productive procedures and the layout of the industrial plants ensure both quality and flexibility.


Metalmech Engineering all Certifications

Our Products

A1 / A2 Type Cable Glands

Size:- 20 Mm To 90 Mm | Standard:- EN 50262 : 1999 | Application:- Outdoor Or Indoor For Use With All Types Of Unarmoured Cable...


CW Type Cable Glands

Size:-20 Mm To 90 Mm S & L | Standard:- EN 50262 : 1999 | Application: For Indoor Or Outdoor Use With All Types Of SWA Cable Function.


BW Type Cable Glands

Size:- 20 Mm To 90 Mm | Standard:- BS 6121 | Application: Dry Indoor, For Use With All Types Of SWA Cable Function Provide Mechanical...


E1W Type Cable Glands

Size:- 20 Mm To 90 Mm S & L | Standard:- EN 50262 : 1999 | Application:- For Indoor Or Outdoor Use With All Types Of SWA Cable... V


E1FW Type Cable Glands

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, appropriate for single wire armoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Provides grip to the cable with outer and inner seals. Used popularly in most cliamatic con


IP 68 Cable Glands New Design

We Can Manufacture Up To M90 With Clamping Range From 60 To 75 Mm. Design And Other Specifications Can Be Changed As Per Requirements...


EMC Cable Gland

One of the important quality characteristics of electrical and electronic products is their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


PG Cable Glands IP-65 Protection

Size:- PG 7 To PG 48 | Standard:- EN 50262 : 1999 | Application:- Outdoor Or Indoor For Use With All Types Of Unarmoured Cable...


Brass Locknuts (PGm Metric & NPT )

Brass Locknuts re traditional components used in fastening glands to the gland plate & as they are identical material to the gland, corrosion effects are minimal.


Brass Earth Tags

Brass Earth Tags are Installed between the gland entry & equipment, provides an earth bond connection. It produces an earth bond connection for electrical continuity


Stopping Plug

Reducer allows a PG threaded gland to be terminated in enclosures with different entry thread form (ET NPT BSP BSPT)


PVC Shrouds

Push on shrouds which are used to minimize the risk of dirt or foreign substances gathering on the Cable Gland Body, and/or point of cable to a gland interface.


Star Washer

The serrated lock washer with external teeth for cable glands


Cable Glands Seals and “O” Rings

To maintain the IP rating between equipment & cable glands it may be necessary to fit an entry thread sealing washer at the gland entry interface.


Company News



Received Certificates for the CE compliance, IP-68 Compliance and ROHS Compliance.

Customer Visit


We had a very important Client visiting from Russia and performing a Audit of our Production and Quality Control Systems. After 3 days of in depth audit they were satisfied by our systems.

New Machinery Update


Installed a New multi Axis CNC machine which now takes our total CNC machines count to 14.

New Machinery Update


Commissioned an additional Advanced Laser Marking Machine.

New Lab Equipment


Installed a new Spectrometer for controlling the incoming quality of the raw material. So that we can give customers exact composition of Raw Material.

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