Metalmech is an OEM manufacturer of Electrical Cable Glands for a large number of applications. Cable Glands are supplied in a range of materials, including Brass (CuZn39Pb3), Stainless Steel AISI 316L / 304, Aluminium(6082), Copper, Natural Brass, Nickel Plated Brass. Cable Glands available in all sizes for all types of Cables like SWA (Steel Wire Armoured), AWA (Aluminium Wire Armoured),  PWA (Wire Armour), STA (Steel Tape Armour), ASA (Aluminium Strip Armour), Unarmoured Cables.

With Metalmech Engineering, many components are designed specifically for a market solution that uniquely meets an industry’s needs – solving an application requirement, providing product innovation, saving installation and component costs and improving the quality of the end product.

At Metalmech Engineering we also undertake to make customized Explosion-proof, Weatherproof, Flameproof, Waterproof cable glands as per the customized drawings. Ex-cable glands are also provided under kit packing and with related accessories.

We supply Cable Glands & Cable Gland Accessories to 75+ Countries since 2004. If you have any technical or commercial questions for any Cable Glands or  Cable Gland Accessories then Live Chat with our technical / sales team or you can send your requirements by email on [email protected]. Go to Home Page for more information.